What to give a copywriter to help them get it right, first time

I was at the dentist yesterday when he asked what I did for a living. “I’m a copywriter,” I said. “I write words for businesses.” “Which industry?” he asked. “Any,” I said. “I’ve written for almost all industries.” “What about dental?” “Hmm. You got me there,” I said. “I’ve never written copy for a dentist […]

Five quick tips to improve readability

When I was editing an e-book for a client recently, I realised that a lot of what I was doing was reformatting the content to improve its readability. The technical information was impressive, but it wasn’t easy to digest. The content was dense, with long sentences that sometimes had to be read a couple of […]

What to do when a copycat steals your content

It’s a horrible feeling when you discover that someone has taken your original content or design, and whacked it up on their own website or social media. You’ve put time and effort (and potentially money) into crafting wonderfully original content, and to then see someone else claiming it as their own is disheartening to say […]