Why blog post writing should be a priority for your business

Along with website content, blog posts are one of the main reasons a professional copywriter like me is hired. If you have a business and you don’t have a blog on your website currently, there are so many great reasons for having one. Or, you might already have a blog but are feeling a little tired of the blogging game, and need some motivation to keep going (been there too!). Either way, here are five compelling reasons to keep those blog posts going.


Publishing regular fresh content on relevant topics is the best thing you can do for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), so that your organic search rankings improve. Google loves content, particularly in-depth content about topics that are relevant to what people are searching for. Your blog articles can also appear in search results (in addition to your main website content), providing more opportunities for people to find you and increasing your website traffic in the process. And by updating your blog every so often, Google knows that your website is being kept up-to-date and will be more likely to send people your way.

If you have plenty of great articles on your website, you’re not only keeping visitors there longer but you’re also demonstrating your expertise and authority on a relevant topic.


I’ve learnt so much about businesses by reading their blogs – what they stand for, what they’re passionate about, and how their business can help me. A blog is an opportunity for a brand to show their personality and provide engaging content that adds value to the reader. You might be an interior designer who wants to showcase examples of your work, or a personal trainer with lots of client success stories to inspire others. Perhaps you have helpful tips on how to use your products effectively, an ethical or environmental stance you want to highlight, or you want to share stories behind some of your customers or suppliers. Useful, inspiring, interesting or just plain amusing, your blog is the place where you can attract, engage and convert people, making them loyal fans of what you do.


If you have plenty of great articles on your website, you’re not only keeping visitors there longer but you’re also demonstrating your expertise and authority on a relevant topic. Maybe you’re a financial adviser, and you want to show your clients how much you’re across what’s happening in the industry and how it could impact them, for example, new government legislation. I know that I’m more likely to be drawn to a website with high quality, useful, up-to-date content, than something that hasn’t been touched since 2010. And if I think you’ve got more authority on a topic that’s important to me, I’m more likely to engage your services.

4. Answer customer queries

Although some businesses might like their customers contacting them with questions, answering common queries through website content is a massive time-saver. This is usually done through an FAQ page; however, your blog is a chance to go a little more in-depth and provide useful information about your business, service or products. You could even embed a video into a blog article that visually demonstrates how something is made or used. If you’re a service provider, such as a freelancer or consultant, you can explain how your process works in a friendly and engaging way. If you’ve got a bit more detail to include than what can typically fit into an FAQ, blog it! 

5. Generate content for social and email

Your blog acts as a central repository of content which you can then use on your social media channels and in your customer emails or newsletter. If you’ve got a new article popping up on your blog every now and then, you’ve always got something to share with people. Plus, by amplifying your blog articles through social media and email, you’re drawing people back to your website to continue reading, which is a very good thing. And if you’ve managed to build an audience with your blog posts, then when it’s time to announce a new product line, special offer or event, you’ve already got the attention of the people who are most likely going to be interested.

So, if you’re um-ing and ah-ing about starting or maintaining a blog, you’ve now got a few good reasons to go out and do it. And if you need some help coming up with ideas and writing great content, get in touch.

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